Friends and family, I have something to confess… I’m a writer, AND consume an embarrassing amount of reality TV.

How do the 2 connect, you may ask? Well, the second is kind of research for the first. You see, I’m addicted to people watching. When I’m tuned into a latest Real Housewife episode, I’m not looking for drama. I’m actually searching for sanity, in the midst of those crazy relationships. It fascinates me when someone in that environment, with that much incentive to do the wrong thing, still chooses the right one.

As Christians, we’re taught to pray for the poor and needy. But what about the rich and, well, still needy? They’ve got messed up lives too. Yet somehow we tend to separate them in a different category – the “too crazy to even pray about” group, or “too priviledged/spoiled/out of reality to even need God.”

But this doesn’t make sense. Who’s going to teach them the truth? If you were born in a world where money means everything, and appearance equals self-worth, how would you know any different? How can we point our fingers and say that we’re holier than them if we haven’t even tried to see where they’re coming from?

That’s what my novel is about. My main character Nicole Phillips is a 27-year-old with celebrity parents, famous for not much besides her own beauty. Somehow, she becomes a Christian, and has to navigate through that attention-seeking culture she was born into while trying to figure out what it means to die to herself and follow God’s plan.

To make this even more difficult, Nicole’s mom and manager have the brilliant idea to pair her up with a new actor – Eric Matthews – who needs publicity. Together, they’re supposed to be a couple for the cameras. Despite Eric’s good looks and claims of also being a new Christian, Nicole’s not happy to be pushed towards a fake love life. The other person who’s not happy is so-called best friend and supermodel Cassandra, who wastes no time making up a story of herself with Eric to the press.

While magazines call Nicole a backstabber and unstable heiress, she leans on her only “normal” friend Julie, who’s lead her to Christ before being fired as her mom’s assistant. A talented baker and writer, Julie’s no-non sense advice inspires Nicole to seek her own life’s calling.

It’s been beyond fun to “record” Nicole’s journey (because, you know, in my mind, she really exists :)). What I loved to do was including things from Nicole’s world – magazine articles, voice mails, emails. The impression I wanted to create was as if you were peeking into this girl’s life, like reading a tabloid magazine or reading her messages.

I can’t wait for everyone to see the result! As of right now, my novel’s a finalist on the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Genesis Contest, for unpublished writers. That’s the reason why I’m hesitant to say the title just yet, ’cause I don’t know if I’m allowed. The winner will be announced on their next conference, this September 22nd. Please send your prayers my way!

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. But what excites me the most is to think of pitching my “baby” to some of the most awesome people in this industry. I’m a tad nervous but mostly just bursting out of my seams. They say you should write the book that you’d like to read, and that’s what I did. This novel has been crafted with lots of prayer and laughter! I enjoy it so much that I look forward to seeing others enjoy it too.

Meanwhile, an award-dinner dress shopping trip is in order… And maybe some reality TV in between :).