<- Inspiration takes courage 🙂

There are some things that pump me up to write even though they have nothing to do with the craft in itself. For example:

– Good Brazilian music (such us Paula Fernandes) reminds me that, just as those well-played instruments work together to create music magic, I can do the same with dialogue, POV and setting. That yes, it does takes an absurd amount of work (as I’m sure it did to make those arrangements), but it’s all SO worth it.

– Playing with my kids reminds me that I don’t have to think too hard to come up with something meaningful. Our best interactions are spontaneous (like surprise hugs and silly jokes). In the same way, I always write better when I simply jot down my instincts about a scene, without worrying too much about having a plan. Anything can be polished up later, but what matters most – the feel of the story – is already be there.

– Lately, I’ve been hooked on stand-up comedians (my all-time favorite: Anjelah Johnson). I’m in awe of how they put themselves at such a vulnerable position every night. Their willingness to make a fool of themselves to give people a good time fascinates me. I can only wish to be this free and fearless as a writer.

What about you, what inspires you to become the author you want to be? Or if you don’t write, what gets you going in the pursuit of your dreams?