I remember God telling me this years ago, when I thought I’d officially ruined all His plans for me. Okay, call me a drama queen, but being a college graduate with no career and no permanent place to live really messed with my head. I felt more insecure than ever before. Friends started to notice I seemed more aloof than usual, or perhaps even a little needier. The true ones stayed close until I got over it, but the superficial ones drifted apart. And while today I’m grateful to have figured out which was which, at the time it HURT.

Truth is, nobody likes change. Not the kind that strips you to the core, and makes you question who you are and who you’re going to be. For a couple of years after college I can say I just walked around in a numb state of panic. I second-guessed EVERYTHING – how I was supposed to act, think, even talk. It was as if the innocence veil had been lifted and I was terrified at the the sight of real life.

The reason why I tell you this little story is to show how things change. Today, I don’t even recognize that person anymore. If I ran into her, I’d probably be mildly annoyed lol. My life now is so full of love, laughter, and yes, LOTS of occasional stress. but at the end of the day, it’s still wonderful. I can’t believe I have 2 cute kids attached to me (not to mention a cute hubby). And believe me, I’ve messed up enough to know that this is ALL God’s doing. HE changed it all around, even when I thought no one cared.

Speaking of my life’s wonderfulness, the baby’s started to cry, so I’d better go lol. I meant to write a post about how I love the end of the year, with all its ending-beginning festivities, but I guess my spiritual journey might be more inspiring. At least I hope so – wouldn’t want to have revealed my embarrassing post-college years for nothing! šŸ™‚ What about you? What has God turned around in your life? Or what do you hope He would? Because trust me, if you just let Him do His magic, He WILL.