I’m a night person, so therefore I’m a night writer. And I’m a holiday (Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year) lover, so therefore this is the time when I’m most likely to write.

There’s something about having a cheesy movie in the background, colorful decorations and just the expectation of fun to come that puts me in the best mood I have all year. Also, the fact that the kids are happier doesn’t hurt.

What about you, when are you the most productive? If not in writing, in what you like to do? One thing God’s been teaching me is to hold on to a good feeling when it comes, and don’t let go for as long as possible. I mean, to not let life’s stresses or the uncertainty of tomorrow rob you from an awesome today.

Hope y’all have an a great time planning/decorating/shopping/eating/or doing whatever it is that makes you happy this season!