Bring on the Kleenex – I just broke up with my favorite TV series. I won’t name it, because the last thing I want is to start a discussion whether a show is evil or not, but I want to share my experience. I felt convicted about ending my obsession with it just like one would feel about ending a relationship, and it feels a lot like it too.

I catch myself thinking “What would (main character) do?” Yes, it was that bad. My infatuation with the protagonist was such that often their very ungodly views would pop in my brain, like a devil’s advocate I admired too much to get rid of.

Why did I adore this person so much, you might ask? Well, the character – and really, all characters of this show – were just plain genius. It amazed me how well written their lines were, how unexpected the plots were. As a writer, this was nothing short of fascinating. The dry humor had me laughing out loud, and then I’d be a mess of tears when something bad would happen – and of course, it would be delivered in the most touching, realistic, intriguing way. Needless to say, that had become my drug of choice.

On a recent date with hubby, I was giddy while describing an episode I’d just watched. Such good actors! Such great story! I actually felt blessed to have this fix everyday while the kids napped. Hubby just smiled and nodded the way he does when I go on and on about it. But deep down, even though I haven’t seen anything too bad that day, a little voice told me it was time to let it go. I dismissed it, thinking it was only my imagination. It’s not like I wasn’t aware that the show happened to be written by ungodly people, so I knew to take everything with a grain of salt.

Well, soon my need-to-give-it-up suspicions would be confirmed. I watched an entire episode dedicated to mocking Jesus and the crucifixion. It stated how He was a mental case with delusions of grandeur for thinking He was the son of God and had to sacrifice Himself. It even hinted that the reason why He looked so peaceful all the time was for some physical condition that didn’t let him show His true emotions. And mind you, this wasn’t just a quick mention – it was the THEME of the episode.

Do you hear the sound of my heart breaking? I’m a pretty patient person when it comes to anti-faith rants – I can respect where non-Christians are coming from. I can take hearing bad things about the church or church people because, unfortunately, there are a lot of bad examples of Christians out there. But what I could not and will not swallow is such a low blow to Jesus himself. It opened my eyes to the fact that maybe this show had an agenda that I’d just been too naive to notice.

Now, the reason why I won’t say the show’s name (besides not wanting to start some sort of protest, which only leads to useless arguments), is because I don’t mean to be legalistic about it. No, I don’t think I’ve sinned to enjoy the plot, or that if you watch it for a second, you will be cursed. What I mean is that I’ve let this show – and these characters, along with their brilliant but worldly lines – get into my head. I thought way more about them and what they would say than about God and what He’d say.

That’s why I had to let it go. It reminds me of I Corinthians 15:33 – Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Just like Eve sinned because she got into a conversation with the serpent, I don’t want to be so captivated by a talking snake that I start listening to their reasoning.

What about you? What is God asking you to give up? Do you have a “fix” that needs to be fixed?